Guttenberg Area Points of Interest.

Points of interest in and around Guttenberg, Iowa. These are random internet information sites I find interesting; your mileage may vary.

I have added two history books from the Google archive project. The junction of the Wisconsin and Mississippi Rivers was a major cultural and trading center for the French, British, Spanish and Indian tribes for about 130 years, from Father Jacques Marquette journeyed down the Wisconsin River and crossed the Mississippi near the current town of Marquette, Iowa in 1673 to the Louisiana Purchase in 1803. Both of these books are rather large, 40 Mbyte and 17 Mbytes respectively, PDF files, so may take a while to load.

Monona Museum 2007 Wisconsin Ground Water Assoc. Fall trip Friday
Walking tour of Guttenberg 2007 Wisconsin Ground Water Assoc. Fall trip Saturday
History of Clayton County (1916) Iowa Journal of History Volume XII 1914
Pool 10 FM