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Image Collections

I have been taking snapshots most of my life. In 2003 I bought my first digital camera, a Sony cybershot, primarily to document my 'construction' projects. For years I have been taking things apart to fix them and then finding out I couldn't remember how to put them back together. I found out, while the strategy worked pretty well, I also had a lot of fun just taking pictures . In 2005, I upgraded to a Konica Minolta 7D.  Last year I installed Adobe Photoshop Lightroom 1.4 thinking I would get all those 'fun' images organized. So much for good intentions. The collections have outgrown a single table so I have tried to impose a little more order by grouping them into 3 groups, Alaska, Iowa and Project pictures.

Caution - I just started switching the collections over to the new format so there may be a few glitches.

These are some of the images I took while living in Alaska and the return journey in Oct 2007. Alaska Images
I arrived in Guttenberg on 4 November 2007. Most of the images in this collection are from the Guttenberg area, along the Mississippi river. Iowa Images
These are before, during and after shots of the renovation project. Work Images